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Online Advertising

Most of your clients depend on online sources for all their information. If they have a question it is the first place they turn. You really can't afford NOT to be advertising online. Find room in your advertising budget. It's easier than you think!

Check out these ad designs that make it easy to advertise with Google, Facebook, and more!






Each of our designs can be personalized with your text and can be adjusted to fit any size and shape.

Designs are available for every poster and brochure we offer even if they are not shown above.

Stock Design Price includes changing the text to meet your center’s needs, resizing fit the size required and sending you an electronic file.

Custom Design Price covers creating new, original ads especially for your center. These can (and should) match your current brand or brochures that you are using.

Online Ad Prices
Item Stock
Web Ad $55 $55-$110
Google Ad Set $83 $83-$193
YouTube Video Ad Set $83 $83-$193

Google Ad Sets

Google Ad sets include all 9 sizes of ads that Google suggests for your advertising campaign.

  • 320 × 50 Mobile leaderboard.
  • 468 × 60 Banner.
  • 728 × 90 Leaderboard.
  • 250 × 250 Square.
  • 200 × 200 Small square.
  • 336 × 280 Large rectangle.
  • 300 × 250 Inline rectangle.
  • 120 × 600 Skyscraper.
  • 160 × 600 Wide skyscraper.
Google ad sample

YouTube Ad Set

Flash overlay for bottom of videos (with backup graphic) and matching banner ad.

Youtube ad set

YouTube Video Ad Set

15 second video ad. Pefect for In-Stream Video ad. (Non-skippable video ad within video publisher content.)

Text on custom printed items is fully editable at no extra charge, and colors and photos can be replaced to suit your needs (fees may apply). This does not apply to stock items (already printed.) *Please note that free customization comes with a purchase. If you decide to cancel your order after proofs have been created, a set up fee may be charged.

Keener Marketing, Inc. copyrights all our designs. They can not be printed or reproduced without written permission. Because we want to be a service to the pregnancy centers, we do allow centers with printers who donate their services or give them a special price, to purchase the pdf to print locally. If you would like to purchase the pdf, see the pdf pricing, or call for a quote.

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