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VCHV145 - Original Version

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Permission to show this video is required.


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Only a $197 lease*

How it works:

For $197 you will receive unlimited* use of the video for one year. You can show it at your speaking engagements, Walk for Life, Fundraising Banquet or any other event you may host. We will send the video to you electronically (as a .m4v file). You may duplicate the file and show it as needed throughout the year.**

You will be required to sign a contract agreeing to cease showing the video after your lease expires. If you should decide you want to continue to use it, you can extend the lease for another year for $65. An additional lease agreement must be signed for each extension of the lease. Or you can choose to purchase the infinite lease and never have to worry about your lease expiration.

Download Lease Agreement: Here

Lease agreement can be filled out electronically or printed out and scanned or faxed.

Download Virtual Video Lease Agreement: Here

Lease agreement can be filled out electronically or printed out and scanned or faxed.

Video Lease Prices
Lease Type Lease Cost Lease Renewal Add DVDs By Mail
Local public use for 1 year $197 (electronic file only**) $65 per year See pricing below
Website use for 1 year $121 (with 1 year public lease purchase) $43 per year ×
Local public use infinite lease $329 (electronic file only**) Free See pricing below
Website use infinite lease $241 (with infinite public lease purchase) Free ×

Add DVDs By Mail to your lease: If you need DVDs to distribute we will mail you a DVD for $16.50 (includes S&H) discounts apply to higher quantities. Large quantities come on a spindle and include white paper envelopes. Your dvds will be exactly the same as the electronic file you leased. If you purchased a custom ending, the dvds will include the custom ending.

For Your Website: A website compatible version of your video is also available for use only to those who have leased the public showing for the video and whose site has been approved by Keener Marketing. A $43 per year renewal fee will be required for additional years unless an infinite website use lease is purchased. Keener Marketing reserves the right to deny any site. The video must be embedded on the center's site. It may not be posted to or any other online video source site.

*See Lease Agreement for details. Unlimited showing does not include posting on the internet. Under no circumstances may this video be posted to or similar sites.

**Electronic files are downloadable .m4v files and can be used to create your own DVDs. To do so you must have DVD authoring software that will create menus readable by a DVD player. Simply burning the file to a DVD will allow you to transfer between computers, but will not be recognized by most DVD players.

DVD Prices
Quantity Price Each
1 $16.50
2 $11.00
3-5 $10.45
6-9 $9.90
10-49 $8.80
50-99 $7.70
100-249 $6.60
250+ $5.50
Prices include shipping. Call for larger quantity pricing.

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