The Willow Tree



The story of THE WILLOW TREE,
by Mareta Keener, grows from her experiences as a counselor of teens with crisis pregnancies over a period of more than 30 years.


The tender but poignant story of Em, a young teen who faces some of life’s most difficult challenges.

• an abusive home life.

• a date rape resulting in a pregnancy.

• a fight to protect her unborn baby.

• an inner struggle between deceit and truth, between revenge and forgiveness.

THE WILLOW TREE is a ‘must read’ for:

• teen age girls who have been date raped.

• teen age girls who are facing crisis pregnancies.

• all those who minister to teens in crisis such as counselors, parents, advocates, teachers and social service workers.

THE WILLOW TREE is a ‘good read’ for:

• all mature teen age girls.

• anyone who is ready to have her heart captured by a winsome story of healing, wisdom, and restoration through Jesus Christ.

THE WILLOW TREE is composed to accommodate the hesitant reader with its format and length.

Tragically, date rape is becoming more and more prevalent among our young people. According to Josh McDowell in his pamphlet It Happened To Me, one out of every three girls will be sexually assaulted before they reach 18. Em, in THE WILLOW TREE, goes through the stages that follow sexual assault and discovers and embraces the steps to healing.

(Please note: care has been taken to deal sensitively with topics of delicate nature.

Topics covered include physical abuse, date rape, spiritual renewal and adoption.)

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