The Door is Open



The stories in The Door is Open by Mareta Keener are precious gems gathered from her life experiences and candidly shared with us.


The Door is Open

The compilation of 'little stories' from the life of the author.

Sitting on a tomb stone in a cemetery when she was 10 years old, the author asked her friend, “Do you think we’ll ever be able to actually know God? Kind of like I know my daddy?”

This question began a spiritual journey that took her to:
• poking goodies through a barbed wire fence to interned Japanese children,
• lighting cigarettes in a federal prison for women,
• being tricked into drinking punch with vodka in it by ladies in her neighborhood,
• prancing down the street as a life clown in a parade.

The author candidly shares her struggles and joys which reveal her heart longings and God’s willingness to meet those longings with His Presence.

The Door is Open was originally written for the author's children, and their descendants.

She gave the first edition away to her family and friends. Many who read it were blessed and encouraged her to revise it for a more general audience.

This revised edition is now available for those who enjoy true, thought-provoking stories written by one who has made herself and her quest for God transparent to all her readers.

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