Be Brave



The fictional pet stories in BE BRAVE are based on real pets. These pet adventures have an underpinning of strong moral and Christian values.


An excellent book for:
Christian and Home School teachers, parents, kids, and all pet lovers everywhere.


• Easy -to-read.

• Word selection and format crafted to be enjoyed
by pet-lovers from 7 to 80 years old.

• 15 winsome illustrations, by Phyllis Bloxson, scattered throughout.

Come and join Skiddles the Goat, Pockets the Cat, and Penny the Pigeon as they discover how to be brave, right in the middle of some very scary adventures.

BE BRAVE deals with:

• overcoming fears,

• trusting God to answer prayer,

• dealing with bullies,

• facing handicaps,

• giving sacrificially,

• and caring for the weak.

You or your child will not only enjoy reading BE BRAVE for yourself but also will enjoy reading it to others: to children at home, at school or at church, and to senior citizens or the sight impaired who are confined to assisted living homes or nursing homes. All will appreciate hearing these heart touching pet stories.

Grandma Keener

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