Pets From Be Brave!

Skiddles the Goat

While I was visiting Joyce DeRosse, an elderly friend in her 90’s, she told me a story from her childhood about a pet goat. She and her brother loved the goat, but it was raised as a meat goat to be sold around Easter to some Italian people who celebrated by roasting goat meat. Her brother and she hid the goat under a bed, hoping that they could rescue it. They locked all the doors except the cellar door. Of course, their father found the door open and retrieved the goat.

Pockets the Cat

My friend, Pat Miller, loves cats. Her house is decorated with cats of all sizes. Two of her beloved cats became very old and died. Just before this sad event, a young neighbor asked if she could take his cat and she praised the Lord for providing her anther companion. However, Pockets had an attitude and proved to be quite a hand full at first. Miss Pat used a water gun to teach him manners, which he did not enjoy a bit! He hated to get wet! When Miss Pat is able to take her walks, she pushes a stroller with Pockets securely tied to it! Miss Pat feels that Pockets is a special answer to her prayers. By the way, Miss Pat does live close to the river which is very much part of the story!

Penny the Pigeon

I remember, as an 8 year old child, looking up at my brothers’ homing pigeons as they circled high above our house. He raised them for the army during World War II. One pigeon was hatched with a crossed beak.

After the mother pigeon stopped feeding her, this little pigeon was unable to pick up grain from the ground. My brother fed her by opening her beak and pushing grain into her mouth. She became our pet, following us around and perching on our shoulders. She lived outside the pigeon pen because the other pigeons picked on her.

It was fun for me to ‘get inside’ these pet’s heads and let them tell their own stories from their point of view. Fiction is exciting, even for the author, because it takes you to places where your mind and heart are enlightened in the most unexpected ways. I enjoyed (and cried over) their adventures and brave acts and I hope that you will too.
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