Excerpt from The Willow Tree



The story of THE WILLOW TREE,
by Mareta Keener, grows from her experiences as a counselor of teens with crisis pregnancies over a period of more than 30 years. Read an excerpt below:


I headed across the field and down the path to my secret place. The willow tree had filled in with dark green, cascading leaves that draped cool shadows over my rock. I scooted over the rock until I could dangle my legs in the river water. I looked up. A red cardinal was flittering from limb to limb.

“Red bird. Ben, called me red bird. He said I was beautiful and then he - -. Why did I believe him?” I felt my muscles tense and my head began to throb. I took up a baseball size stone and threw it with all my might at a rocky cliff across the river. Small shreds of rock pelted the river below it.

“Ben, if you were here, I’d - I’d kill you! I shouted. “You used me and then left me! I hate you!” I laid down on my rock and sobbed out, “I’ll never forgive him. Never, Never.”

My cries were muffled by the river’s song. Finally, my body stopped shaking and I turned over on my back. The cardinal was perched on a willow limb above me. He cocked his head. “I’m not mad at you, pretty bird. If you stay real still, I’ll draw your picture.”

As my fingers drew the soft birds feathers and beady eyes, I felt my anger drain away. I put my drawing in the plastic folder, pushed it into the rocky crevice, and climbed up the embankment. I murmured, “Goodbye, little red bird,” and walked toward the service station to get momma her cigarettes.

Excerpt from Be Brave!



The fictional pet stories in BE BRAVE are based on real pets. These pet adventures have an underpinning of strong moral and Christian values. Read an excerpt below:


‘Danger in the Sky’ by Penny the Pigeon

“Kari, Mom told us to pray for God’s help when we are in trouble,” Jason said.

He closed his eyes and prayed, “Dear God, please help me to know what to do. Mom’s hurt, I’m struck, and Kari is too little to go for help. We need you.”

I hopped to his shoulder and stuck my beak into his hair. Jason smiled at me and said, “Penny, I’m glad you’re not hurt.”

Then he got a strange look on his face. His eyes opened wide, his eyebrows went up and he said, “Wow. That’s it! Penny, You’re a homing pigeon. You are the answer. You can tell dad where we are!”

“Me?” I cooed. “Not me. How could I do that?”

“Kari, can you climb up front and open the glove compartment? Please bring me everything in it,” he said. “Quick, Kari. We need to hurry.”

Jason found some paper and a pencil. He wrote: “HELP. ACCIDENT. MOUNTAIN. OFF ROAD. PAST ICE CREAM SHOP. MOM HURT. HURRY!”

He cut a strip off his T-shirt with his pocket knife.

He said, “Now, Penny. It’s your turn.” He wrapped the message around my left leg and tied it in place with the cloth strip.

“Penny, fly home.” Jason looked right into my eyes. “You are a homing pigeon. You can do this. Get the message to Dad.”

I jumped onto the window of the car , cooed, “I’ll do it!” And soared up into the sky. I had no idea that hawks lived there and they loved to eat pigeon for lunch.



Excerpt from The Door is Open


The stories in The Door is Open by Mareta Keener are precious gems gathered from her life experiences and candidly shared with us. Read an excerpt below:




Just as I turned into our driveway, I noticed that the two little children that lived across the street from us were sitting in their driveway close to the street happily playing with their toy trucks.

I parked my car at the top of the driveway, leaned over and carefully lifted my sleeping baby over the steering wheel, carried him into the house, and deposited him on the couch below our front window. I looked out the window. What I saw caused a big knot of fear to grab my stomach and raise my hands over my mouth.

"Oh no!" I cried. "God, help!"

My empty car was rolling backwards, down the drive, heading straight for the children!

THE WILLOW TREE is a ‘good read’ for:

• all mature teen age girls.

• anyone who is ready to have her heart captured by a winsome story of healing, wisdom, and restoration through Jesus Christ.

THE WILLOW TREE is composed to accommodate the hesitant reader with its format and length.

Tragically, date rape is becoming more and more prevalent among our young people. According to Josh McDowell in his pamphlet It Happened To Me, one out of every three girls will be sexually assaulted before they reach 18. Em, in THE WILLOW TREE, goes through the stages that follow sexual assault and discovers and embraces the steps to healing.

(Please note: care has been taken to deal sensitively with topics of delicate nature.

Topics covered include physical abuse, date rape, spiritual renewal and adoption.)

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