Books with a heart

Welcome to my web site. What a privilege to share with you my recent books which have been prayerfully written to bless the reader and honor our God. Each one captures heart issues that we can all relate to.


Giving in the King's Service

By Mareta Keener and Flo Martin. The perfect gift for your volunteers and donors! This book will encourage the discouraged or disheartened giver.


The Willow Tree

The story of a young teen, a violent act,
and hope. A book for teens and adults.


Be Brave

Three stories of precious pets, their acts of
bravery, and love. An easy-to-read book of
fiction for children and pet lovers.


The Door is Open

The story of finding 'The Door' and entering in. Join me as I candidly share my 'little stories --- some will increase your faith, some will warm your heart.


Almost There

Almost There

Written to help those who have life threatening diseases and to help their families through those difficult times.


Lifted Up

This story about Marvin Keener's life unveils the tenderness and mercy of God as He reveals himself to a deprived lad in a "holler" of Alabama and leads him into an intimate walk with Him.

Many of you already know me, but for those who don’t – my name is Mareta Keener.

I live on a hill in Dayton, Tennessee with my dearest friend and husband of 50 years. We have 5 children, 16 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I have told stories to children over 47 years in Good News Clubs, Sunday Schools, Children’s Church, Week Clubs, VBS, and to my own dear grand kids.

Helping teens in crisis has been my passion ever since my own kids were teens. I have been counseling at the Women’s Care Center ever since it began in the 80’s.

I’ve always loved to write and enjoyed being an editor for Keener Marketing for many years. I am deeply in love with Jesus Christ and all that I write is true to His Word. I love to be called Grandma!

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