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The willow Tree

A brand new novel by Mareta Keener:
The story of a teen, a violent act, and hope.

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Clients, volunteers and donors can all benefit from this close-up look at what a young teen girl goes through that brings her to the door of her local pregnancy resource center. Whether it's a client who needs to know she's not alone, a volunteer who needs encouragement to know their efforts are not wasted or a donor who needs a better understanding of the needs you have, this book can open their eyes.

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Enter the world of Em,

~ a cruel world of harshness and abuse,
~ a winsome world of color and beauty,
~ a spiritual world of seeking and finding.

Em, a fifteen year old girl, struggles with abuse, rape, and the resulting pregnancy.

Can she meet the challenges ahead of her?

“I talk to God when I sit under my willow tree by the river. But He never talks back to me. I guess He really doesn’t care what happens to me. He created all this beauty, but when it comes to me, I feel overlooked. I feel like I am ugly and dirty, inside and out. I keep wondering. Maybe the river water can wash the dirt away.”


A Word From the Author:

Many teens and young adults feel trapped in abusive relationships. They tend to make decisions that lead to further hurt or pain for themselves and those around them. There seems to be no way to escape.

Hopefully, Em’s story will encourage you to seek that place of refuge where deliverance, healing and forgiveness can be found. Em’s decision was a hard one, but a redemptive one.
God has a plan for each one of your lives – and that plan is good!

About the Author:

Mareta Keener helped to establish the Women’s Care Center of Rhea County following the abortion of her first to-be-born grandchild. For twenty years, she has been ministering to teens and young women who have troubled lives or have unwanted pregnancies. She is blessed with a loving husband, five children, fifteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren. She resides in Dayton Tennessee with her husband, Marvin.